Human Rights and Women Empowerment:

SDP want to work in women issues because women in our society is very vulnerable she tolerate violence abuse, carnation because of these issues women hasn’t access to their rights & also we know that women hasn’t decision making power because of unawareness we want to aware & empower women to build a good society. “Women said if you want a good society you or ivied me education & awareness I’ll give you an educated society”


Work on primary health care for children & women, we want to healthy well aware communities though PHC & give them awareness about health & hygiene water-borne diseases.

Emergency Response:

After the disaster our community’s health condition is very worse & in monsoon season every year same condition again came in our communities & if we work on PHC we can control people’s diseases.
Focus on women pregnant (ante-natal, postnatal care), lactating women, and nutrition & malnourish children under five years.


SDP want to open learning centers, Computer centers, Basic education in district/Tehsils and UC wise and specially focus on after flood/disaster those schools which were open & provide education of children and those schools are closed SDP’s Mission to restore those schools which are provide primary education to the children specially for girls because education is their basic right & SDP want to give them their rights.


Water & Sanitation. SDP want to provide to deprived peoples healthy environment through provide them hand pumps, washrooms & also give them awareness about health & hygiene. And complete education on primary health/hygiene. Because many peoples live in unhygienic condition even they don’t have washroom/latrine in their areas.


To provide livelihood opportunities to support their poverty and reduce poverty, Work on livelihood. Livelihood is the part of peoples life through that we can measure the social economics conditions of people livelihood is important part of rural people such as livestock, polity, fisheries & agriculture land because of flood peoples livelihood were worst destroyed we want to help them who were totally depended on livelihood we try to help them to improve their life.